SliderImage The free Konisur app eliminates the need for bulky pagers and allows your customers to roam freely. Afterwards, you can even use the metrics from a busy night to optimize restaurant operations.

Give them a reason to come back

For $49.95, Konisur can provide you with a list of previous customer mobile phone numbers. Use this to text message specials and promotional discounts to make every customer a regular.

Waiting is the hardest part. Konisur makes it easy.

Konisur is the free application that allows restaurant owners and managers to get customers to the table, where the real magic happens, faster. Our simple to use interface will send a notification to your customers when their table is ready and provide you with valuable statistics to help you optimize your business.

Having too many customers is a great problem to have. Let us help you provide an unforgettable experience to each and every one.

No Guest Left Behind

Konisur shows you exactly how long each of your customers have waited versus their estimated wait time so that no customer goes hungry.

Simplicity at it’s Finest

Add, notify, remove, or seat a customer with a single tap. Guests will receive automatic notifications directly to their mobile device.

Analyze Your Business

Konisur allows you to have an all up view of who comes through your doors and what their wait profile looks like, allowing you to make the best first impression possible.

I’ll Have the Special

Konisur lets you customize the text messages that your customers see. If you want to incentivize them to come back, we will even let you send promotions and discounts after they leave for an added fee.

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