Wait Freely!

Give your waiting customers the freedom they
deserve with text message notifications

SliderImage Add, notify, remove, or seat a customer with a single tap.
Guests will receive automatic notifications directly to their mobile device.

SliderBackground Use statistics and metrics gathered from Konisur
to optimize your restaurant's staff and operations.


Roam if you want to

People love freedom! WaitText allows your customers to be free!

Free Forever!

Get started in minutes and never pay to seat your customers!

Improve Your Service

Powerful reporting gives the knowledge you need to best serve your customers.

Ready to get seated?

Create your free Konisur account to get started. Your customers and business will thank you.

Having regulars is what you strive for.

Upgrade Konisur and have the ability to text message discounts and specials directly to your customers. Build customer loyalty! Upgraded Konisur accounts also get reporting so you have the answers you need to improve customer experience. All you pay is $49.95 a month.